ChengDu Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone

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Customers' Comments


Mr. Barreit, Intel CEO---Chengdu and Chengdu hi-tech zone can meet all Intel's requirements on human resource, infrastructure and government support.

John Thompson, CEO of Symantec---"Chengdu presents tremendous opportunities as a base for outstanding talent and we are deeply impressed with the local government’s cooperation and support to foreign investors. As we all know, a large number of top software and technology corporations have made investments in the city, which further proves that Chengdu is an ideal place for investment."

Mr. Graeme McCusker, vice executive president, GM of west region, Ericsson--- "We are very close to the airport, very close to downtown. The transportation is fantastic. This area is developing not only in business but also in societies."

Mr. Xie Zhifeng, vice president of marketing, SMIC--- "it only took us 1 hour to get the equipments after entering the custom, Chengdu really made this happen while other cities still can not."

Mr. Ye YouDe, vice president, Molex --- "Enterprises are pursuing the maximization of profit. It would be ideal if one could make money immediately once come. Chengdu has all the advantageous factors of time, place and people."

Xie Shengde, Board Chairman, UNISEM—"I never heard such word 'NO' from you."

Mr. Wang Tianyang, GM of SAP Chengdu---"To invest in Chengdu, is a strategic choice in our expectation, but I didn’t expect we could develop so fast in Chengdu like this."