ChengDu Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone

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West Park


Located in the west of Chengdu, the West Park covers a total area of 43.5 km². It is 6 km away from the central downtown and 25 km away from the airport. The park is designed to be the R&D and manufacturing base of the three pillar industries of Chengdu Hi-tech Zone, furnished with Export Processing Zone, Bonded Logistic Center, Tools & Moulds Park, Technology Innovation Park, and various standard workshops.

Chengdu Hi-Tech Comprehensive Bonded Zone: It is an integration and expansion of the existing Sichuan Chengdu EPZ and Chengdu Bonded Logistics Center (Type B), with a total planned area of 4.68 km2. Companies inside the zone can conduct various business including international transit, delivery, purchase and distribution, financial services, test and repair, port transactions and product showcasing. Import goods will be bonded and export goods will enjoy tax rebate inside the zone, which provides favorable environment for large exporters. Companies such as Intel, Foxconn,  Dell, TI, SMIC, Unisem, Molex, MPS and Timken already have presence in the zone. In 2012, the total import and export value reached USD 26.22 billion ranking the first in mid-west China (northeast included) and the third nationally behind Kunshan and Suzhou. The customs clearance of the comprehensive bonded zone operates 24*7, with each deal cleared in less than 2 hours. Paperless clearance system is adopted, reducing the clearance time to 20-30 minutes.


Tools & Moulds Park: covering a total area of 230mu(15.3 hectares), with a total construction area of 118,000 m², comprising three blocs of tools and moulds, mechanical processing and IT manufacturing. Singapore-based Hi-P, US-based Amphenol have settled down in the Park.

The Technology Innovative Park: covering a total area of 200mu(13.3 hectares), with a construction area of 183,400 m², especially suitable for headquarters, R&D centres, and technological-advanced enterprises. The central research institute of Dongfang Electric, the Technology Centre of Panzhihua Iron & Steel Group and R&D centre of Motorola have settled down in this park.

The National University S&T Park of University of Electronic & Scientific Technology of China: the total construction area is 44,000 m², which is designed to be an intelligence-intensive park dedicated to medium and small sized enterprises.

Optical Electronic Display Park: covering a total area of 3000 mu(200 hectares), the park is suitable for optical-electronic display manufacturers, their suppliers and accessory industries. Enterprises located in this park are: BOE, TSMT and Changhong OLED

“5+2” Area (Newly Planned in West Park of CDHT): Located in the southwest of the west park of CDHT, with a total area of 7 km2, and as a new industrial carrier, this area mainly focuses on electronic information, bio-medicine and precision machinery. Major industrialization projects such as Heng Rui Medicine and Maker Biotechnology has settled down in this area.


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