ChengDu Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone

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China Foreign Investment


Chengdu commits itself to build a standardized and service oriented government to provide China foreign investment services to investors with the establishment of Chengdu Municipal Comprehensive Service Centre, Chengdu Foreign Investment Promotion Centre and Chengdu Taiwanese Business Complain Centre.

Chengdu Hi-Tech Zone is granted the same administration power as the municipal level and provides 3 phases' services to enterprises which composed with promotion of investment & construction and enterprise service through a special parallel examination and approval process.

Chengdu Hi-tech Zone has set up two government service centres both in the south park and the west park conducting "one stop" services and "zero fees" policy, providing professional services for key projects.

Chengdu has a sound public security condition with no major criminal cases for many years. The satisfaction rate of Chengdu citizens for comprehensive security and city management is at 94%.




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